Satisfied Clients
A little over a month ago, I received a mortgage approval and purchased a home through your office. This provided the opportunity for my family and I to return to the quality of life in a living environment that we lost about three years ago. Thank you for the services you provide, maintaining a business prospective that recognizes opportunities that others choose to overlook, and thank you for the privilege of working with your company, and in particular David Fothergill. His guidance, patience, enthusiasm, perspective and depth of knowledge lead to us to our new home and a better quality of life. David is a true asset to the mortgage industry. Thank you for retaining such a valuable individual as David on your staff, and please thank David for all of his hard work, encouragement, support, and his positive outlook. He gave us the hope and opportunity we needed. T. Tucker - Kansas
I felt it was and absolute obligation for me to let someone know of the awesome experience that I have had dealing with your Sales Manager, David Fothergill. I closed on my home on yesterday 04/19/2012! I was like a baby walking for the first time but David held my hand and guided me through like the true professional he is. Once I found a property David was always available, answered all questions, kept me informed and I am awed by the experience I had with him. Even Barry(the realtor) spoke so highly of working with David, as well as the title company. Let me say my chest puffed up when they spoke of the exceptional experience they had with David. Ive said it before and I will say it again as many times as needed. David Fothergill is a true professional at the top of the pack and I thank God that I answered that email and had the opportunity to work with him. I will surely refer anyone who mentions buying a home, he is the only one that I will lead them too. A. Johnson - Missouri
I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all you had done for me. A bottle of wine and a thanks seems like a small gesture... I have already referred you to two people. I'll call them today to ask them if I can give you their info so you can get in touch with them. Tonya O. - Missouri
Thank you for all your help and kindness. All went through fine due to your assistance. I will recommend you if I hear of someone in need of your services. You and your family have a great Christmas. R. Grunewald - Missouri

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